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Learn faster than ever before

Sandpit helps you get from ideation to execution on average 30% faster for common industry problems.

Test and build with FinTech APIs
Iterate to the solution that works
Save time and money

The new way to do POCs

Proof-of-concepts in financial services take too long. We make it fast and simple.
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The best solutions aren't built entirely in-house anymore. Choose the APIs that you want to test and build with.

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Our synthetic data holds the same statistical properties as real production data.

Test your Concept

Send data through your solution and test the output against your outcomes.

Find out why our customers are doing on average 3x as many POCs than the the rest of the financial services industry

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Why we're faster

Partner with more Fintechs faster
Deploy Cloud Resources

Connect direct to AWS/GCP clouds and deploy your applications directly from the IDE.

Less Unknowns

Build and validate concepts for a low-cost before they go into production.

Synthetic Data

Our datasets hold the same properties as real datasets to ensure your test is as accurate as possible.

Microservice Architecture

Built specially to link microservice components together.

The Strongest Fintechs

We choose the best B2B Fintechs and APIs to ensure you get the best experience.


Our IDE is deployed directly on your browser and resources are deployed directly to your cloud.

Financial Institutions

We help financial institutions by:

  • Giving them access to the best fintechs from around the globe

  • Saving them resources by streamlining repetitive due diligence processes

  • Helping them deliver new products/services to market quicker by accelerating the partnership journey


We help fintechs by:

  • Distributing their product to financial institutions

  • One time industry standard due diligence onboarding

  • Validating their technology against their competitors

Built for the Industry

Fintech Sandpit can be used for many use cases but we are starting where there is the most pain

Regulatory reporting, digitisation, AML/KYC solutions, due diligence

financial markets

Foreign Exchange, Lending, Correspondant banking

open banking

Transaction and payment APIs from major banks and fintechs

Industry Sandbox Whitepaper
How digital sandboxes accelerate innovation within financial institutions
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Helping the financial ecosystem solve problems faster

Synthetic Datasets

Fintech APIs

Integrate with AWS/GCP

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Deep synthetic mirroring

Enterprise architecture replication

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Are you a sustainable Fintech? 🌱

We subsidise partnerships with Fintechs working towards financial inclusion, environmental sustainability, equal opportunity, and financial wellbeing with pro bono support and resources. Get in touch to find out more.

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